We are getting very close to completing a couple of our long term projects here at Fraser Cars. The Factory five 33 Hot Rod has passed certification and is currently at the compliance shop. We should see that back any day and then there are a few minor things that need sorting out like the side window weatherstrips which just don’t work properly and a small tidy up tune then we can finally hand the car over to its owner. I know he is chomping at the bit to get his hands on it.

Peter’s KE25 Toyota Corolla is up and running and currently awaiting the glass to be installed before it can go to dyno hopefully next week. The finish on this car is second to none and the guys are all very proud of the job we have done. Once it comes back from dyno, we need to complete the interior install and get some road testing under our belt before we can put it through the LV process.

Wayne’s F20c powered Fraser Clubman S is back in the shop for the final stages of its build. We have had it up and running and done all the system checks. Everything is as it should be and we are now patiently waiting for the call from the painters that he is ready for it. We may look at getting the trim underway before paint if the timings work out but we are looking at another great car on the road before too long.

Harold’s Jaguar SS100 replica has been coming along in leaps and bounds. The wiring is now 90% complete and we have had her fired up and running. Next up is to bleed the brakes, fuel her up and take it for the first test drive. Always an exciting time!

DMOFSR has been getting a bit of love in the background. Believe it or not, we have just changed the clutch for the first time since we built the car back in 2009. If you think of the abuse that clutch has had over the years of countless donuts and full rev starts it has endured, I think we have definitely got our money’s worth!

We have also recently purchased a written off Fraser back from an insurance company. It has had damage to the front and rear suspension and a bit of cosmetic damage elsewhere. We bought it to ensure the repairs are done correctly and will put the car back on the market only when we are happy that it is as good as it was before the prang. We never like to see one of our cars disappear and this one will live to see another day.

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