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Another month and we are stoked to add another really cool project to the workshop.

The Porsche 356 is already a very iconic car and recently they have had a great resurgence under the “Outlaw” guise. An “Outlaw” is basically a restomod meaning a complete ground up restoration while being tastefully modified to work in a modern world. The world leader in “Outlaw” 356’s is a company out of the US called Emory Motorsports and we are lucky enough to have a brand new one in our shop currently. Our customer ordered the car seven years ago and had it shipped straight to us to work our way through the certification and compliance process. It is a real piece of art with everything finished to a very high standard and some very fancy parts. The engine for example is completely their own design and build. It is an air cooled 2.6L flat four with Motec EFI making 260hp so for a light little car it has plenty of welly! There is quite a list of jobs for us to do, including seat and belt mounting, fuel tank mounting, steering geometry and suspension modifications to name a few. It will be with us for a while and the goal is that when we hand it over, it will look the same as it does now, only with NZ licence plates.

Progress on Geoff’s BMW 2002 restomod has been strong. We have ordered the new engine, already have the new gearbox and should be taking delivery of the new suspension today. Traditionalists may want to turn away now as we are going outside the box on this one! The engine will be a Honda K20c1 which is the new turbocharged type R Civic engine making 306hp, mated to a Honda S2000 six speed gearbox. The current plan for the suspension is to graft in Toyota GT86 front and rear subframes but this is still up in the air as to whether this will work but time will tell. It will be running big flares and a custom interior as the brief is to have something that can be used everyday but stands out. We are really looking forward to this build!

David’s Clubman S is with Scotty the trimmer getting the final bits of trim sorted before we can send it to compliance and then get it ready to ship down to the owner in Christchurch. Shouldn’t be long now mate!

Rob’s BMW 2002 Baur is pretty much complete. It passed its WOF the other day and we realised that the tyres were 44 years old! I decided that we should probably do something about that but this evolved into “well maybe I’ll change the wheels…” so we are waiting to see what comes of that, then we can hand it over.

We have been working on a really nice 1931 Chrysler Six recently. It was imported as a pile of parts and restored by the owner to a really nice standard. We brought it to us to get it running better, install seatbelts and sort out a few items that he needed help with. One of the great things about working at Frasers these days is the eclectic bunch of cars we get to work on and cars like this are always fun to play with.

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