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Road Ready... Set... Go!

The Fraser is a cost-effective car that’s a true team effort. Our master craftsmen prepare all the components in advance for you to take away and assemble at your own pace.

Invite some friends around once a week to help you complete it, tinker away in your own time as the mood strikes you, or get the Fraser team to take care of the whole process. However you do it, the end result will be a thrilling road car that doesn’t break the bank and can be upgraded in the future if you choose.

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  • Fraser hand brazed chassis in powder-coated satin black with alloy panels fitted
  • Composite nosecone, front and rear guards
  • Powdercoated outboard front suspension with unequal-length double wishbones with adjustable shock absorbers
  • Fraser road front end with lightweight alloy front hubs, two-piston front callipers and solid rotors
  • De-dion semi-independent 4 link rear suspension with adjustable shock absorbers
  • Sports exhaust system with stainless muffler
  • Fraser electrical system with black gauges
  • Fraser trim set with rear tonneau cover, carpets, vinyl bench seats and 4 point harnesses
  • Fraser Superspeed wheels and road tyres
  • Bare alloy body, with the option of gelcoat colour composites

Engine options

  • Toyota 4AGE 20V blacktop 1600CC
  • Toyota 3SGE gen 3 2.0L
  • Ford Duratec 2.0L

Available as both a factory build or for you to craft in your own time. Start your Fraser journey today.

Pricing starts from $72,000 plus GST and any on road costs