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When you’ve got a classic or bespoke vehicle, you want it being worked on by someone who will care for it just as much as you do.

At Fraser Cars, we work with beautiful cars every single day. Over the years, we’ve worked on thousands of sports cars, classic cars and kit cars. We’re happy to work on small or large projects, covering everything from WOFs to repairs to large-scale modifications.

We know what it’s like to hand your precious car over to someone else, so that’s why we develop an action plan for every car we work on, and keep you up to date with daily progress reports through our online workshop.

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Our master mechanics can undertake maintenance, crash repairs, modifications and servicing for a wide range of classic and sports cars. We cover everything from the chassis to steering, seatbelt anchors to suspension.

Our expertise covers the following vehicles:

  • Frasers
  • Lotus Sevens and Lotus 7 replicas
  • All marques of classic and sports cars from around the world
  • Unique cars and kit cars