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May has been a bit of a better month at Fraser Cars. We have completed Wayne’s new Fraser Clubman S – It is a beautiful piece of kit, powered by the Honda F20c and sporting a very bold Martini paint scheme, it definitely stands out. Dan took it for a decent road test the other day and it drives beautifully, the exhaust is loud, but not as loud as the throttle bodies roaring away. We are just waiting for the weather to sort itself out and give us a nice day for Wayne to come up and pick it up. It will be residing in the Waikato and we look forward to seeing it out and about soon.

David’s Fraser Clubman S is most of the way through getting the trim done. It will be going to dyno shortly and then on to the road testing phase. Again, this car stands out in a very bright mango/yellow and is coming together really nicely.

William has two series 4 RX7’s that we look after for him and it doesn’t go too far between emails saying “I’ve bought this new…” This time we have just done an AIM digital dash install for him in his white RX7. We have fabricated a new dash pod to replace the traditional analog gauges and it is currently off at the trimmers getting covered in suede. While it was in, we also fabricated a new fan shroud to help keep it cool as it was creeping the temperature up in traffic.

Rob’s BMW 2002 Baur has been a long project for us and it is getting really close now. The glass is currently being installed which means we can get it out and road test it, then look at putting a WOF on it. We know Rob is keen to get it back asap and it shouldn’t be long now mate.

With one BMW 2002 leaving us shortly, it only seems right that we should replace it with another! We built a car for Geoff 10+ years ago and he showed up the other day with a pretty cool idea for his next build. A few weeks later and we had secured a pretty nice 1974 BMW 2002 ready for us to have a crack at. We have some pretty big plans for this car that some purists will have kittens over but at the end of the day we don’t really care! Geoff will get what he wants and that’s what we care about! We’ll let you know the details in due course but in the meantime we are stripping the shell down for acid dipping so we can see what we have to work with.

Liloa’s Beattie is now road legal and ready for delivery, this is a beautiful car and Liloa has been fantastic to deal with. We wish him all the best with his new toy!

The Fraser team had a ball at Manfeild last weekend and DMOFSR had it’s usual hiding. We ran almost every grid of the day and were there until the final whistle She did well over 400 kms at race pace and another 1000 kms of road driving there and back. It was great to catch up with the Fraser Car Club there and look forward to the next one!

If you get a chance, check out the May/June issue of NZV8 magazine. It covers the 33 hot rod we built over the last few years – it looks wild!

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