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April has been a bit of a funny month at the factory, we started out with a hiss and roar and suddenly all our jobs got hung up due to external contractors, red tape or part supply, so we have a workshop full of cars and no work to do on them! Luckily things are starting to loosen up and we are starting to get a bit flow back on again!
Firstly, we would like to welcome Luke into our team! Luke has lived across the road from our workshop his entire life and we remember him as a young lad dreaming of working for us and begging for after school jobs. He finished school and took up a position in a local garage where he completed his time as a mechanic and rose to the role of workshop manager. We bumped into him not long ago and mentioned that we might be looking for another mechanic and he jumped at the chance. He’s competent, friendly and most of all gets along with our special breed of humour so we are looking forward to seeing how he grows into his new role.
On the car front, Wayne’s Clubman S is sitting patiently under a cover waiting for the compliance guys to give us the call to bring it down and once that hurdle is out of the way, we can hand over the keys to its new owner who we know is chomping at the bit! Wayne is located in the Waikato, so we hope to see him out and about in it shortly!
David is coming up next week for his seat fitting in his Fraser Clubman S. This is always an exciting time when we sit down and nut out the interior styling. We can tell you that the car is definitely loud, sporting a bright yellow/mango paint job so it will be interesting to see what we can come up with.
Rob’s BMW 2002 Baur is getting closer and closer to completion, the running gear is all back in, we have had her back up and running and we are now waiting for a bit of interior trim to be remade and installed before we can refit the glass. It’s turning out really nice and shouldn’t be too long before we can start road testing.
Liloa has had his Beattie in our shop for the last year or so. This car was built overseas, never registered and then imported into New Zealand. We have been involved with the car to get it through LV certification and compliance. The job was relatively straightforward except the fact that it has had a set of beautiful billet aluminium front uprights installed. As this is a scratch built car, it needed to go through a bumpsteer test and was found to have a bit more than is permissible. We then designed a set of CNC billet, bolt-on steering arms to make the necessary changes for it to pass the test. LV are pretty strict around steering components so gaining the design approval took time and effort and the end result is a part that matches the rest of this high quality build.
As we had a bit of a quiet patch, we have finally pulled the cover off DMOFSR 2 and made a start on getting it finished. This was a Fraser that we built X amount of years ago. It was built as a replacement for our white car DMOFSR but as it turns out, we couldn’t kill the damn thing! As is the way other jobs took precedence and it languished under a cover in the corner ever since! It is a 2ZZ powered car and we are not sure if this will become our new demo car or if it is destined for the new car market, time will tell but it would be a shame to never complete it either way!

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