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The concept of the New Zealand Fraser 5000 was born in 2019 and since then we have had two round New Zealand tours under that name. The first tour was in 2019 where we had three participants who completed the full 5,500 kilometres and a number of cars / drivers who participated in one or two stages. The second tour was in 2020 where we had nine participants who completed the full 5,500 kilometres, with many others joining in for individual stages. Both of those tours were very interesting and enjoyable for those that were involve, so it is now time to start the process and planning for the 2024 version of the New Zealand Fraser 5000.

The objectives of the 2024 New Zealand Fraser 5000:
A driving challenge for both car and driver.
To drive around New Zealand through some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.
To bring together like minded car owners who share a common passion for their cars.
To have as many participants to be involved in the tour as possible even if it is just one stage.

The New Zealand Fraser 5000 can be driven in its entirety or in part and is open to:
Fraser Car Club members.
Other Lotus 7 replicas and their drivers.

Dates and Route:
The New Zealand Fraser 5000 shall commence on the morning of Saturday 20th of January 2024 at the Fraser Factory in Beach Haven, Auckland, where we shall be provided with a short factory tour before Ida shall officially start the 2024 New Zealand Fraser 5000.

The first day we shall be touring on the roads between the North Shore, Dargaville, Wellsford and all points in between and returning to Auckland for the night. This is to allow as many of our Auckland and Northland drivers to at least participate in one stage of the event.

The following day we shall start our journey south from Auckland to Bluff returning 13 days later.

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