Hello once again! As I write this, it hasn’t rained in a few days, which by current standards seems like an eternity so fingers crossed we might be finally drying out! The factory has been a busy place over the winter and hopefully we should be looking at getting¬†some of our projects going for summer.

Wayne has dropped off his Fraser Clubman S #348 for the final stages of its build, this will include a check over, paint, trim, systems setup and tune and then put it through the certification and compliance process. It is powered by the proven Honda F20c and is the first car to come through that uses a Subaru R160 diff so it will be interesting to see how it goes.
Unfortunately¬†Andy’s engine has developed a top end noise so his car has come into our shop to have the engine pulled and sent to his engine builder to sort out. Hopefully it is nothing too major so we can get it back in the car and back on the road soon.
Seven’s Ariel Atom 3.5 is coming along nicely, we have fabricated all the new suspension components and almost finished installing them. Powered by a supercharged Honda K20a, this is a very rapid car. We have done a few of these now so we are getting the process pretty down pat now. I imagine it won’t be too hard to convince Seven to bring it along to a few Fraser track days in the future.
Harold’s Jaguar replica is coming along in leaps and bounds, the fuel tank has been modified and is ready for install, all the gauges have been restored as they were all suffering from age related illnesses. We have begun wiring the car up and hopefully not too far away from getting it to make a noise.
Progress has been a bit slow on Peter’s KE25 Corolla as we have been waiting on a batch of plating, powdercoating and painting to be completed before we can move forward but we are looking forward to the next stage as this car looks amazing and we are all very proud to have been a part of it.
Hopefully with the sun will mean more chances to get Frasers out of garages and dust off the cobwebs!

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