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The Fraser Factory has been getting a bit of a birthday this winter with the guys spending a bit of time clearing out, then cleaning and painting the floors and the walls, still a bit to go yet but it is looking much fresher already and the new white means we can actually see what we are doing!
Peter’s KE25 Corolla is looking amazing. The new wheels have arrived and complete the look perfectly. The wiring is nearly complete and if things go well, we should be at a point of powering it up and thinking about starting the motor for the first time soon. Ignore the ugly yellow cam covers in the photos, they are being replaced by a new set in matching gold like the wheels.
Bruce’s Factory Five Cobra is coming along nicely, he bought the car as an unfinished project and has enlisted us to mechanically assemble it for him, then he can take over and sort out the body work which is something he has experience in. While a lot of the assembly has been done, some of it was not to a standard that we would like so there has been a bit of going back to go forward. The main change we have made is to convert the car from EFI back to carb in the interest of reliability. I came with a Holley sniper EFI system installed, we have had quite a few issues with these in the past so the decision was made to revert back to a simple Holley 600 carb which means we could simplify the wiring and fuel system substantially.
Harold’s Jag replica is also progressing well. We have now installed all the brake and fuel lines into the car and have made a start on planning the wiring. It turned out all the gauges had issues and required restoration before we could get underway so as soon as they arrive back, we can continue with designing and building the dashboard and get into the wiring.
Our Factory five 33 hot rod which we have been building passed its final LV cert inspection last week and now has the trim to finish up and then get through compliance. It’s been a long road but we are getting there!
There must be something in the water recently with two crashed Frasers coming through the shop. One of which was unfortunately bad enough to write it off. We have subsequently purchased it off the insurance company and we will fix it up as good as new and offer it back up for sale. It is always a shame to see a Fraser die so we will do everything we can to bring it back from the dead!

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