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Exciting times at Fraser Cars recently, we spruced the shop up last week for a film crew to arrive and film a feature on us, although productivity was at an all time low, it was pretty cool to see the way they get the lighting and everything to look good. It turns out that what looks good on screen is totally not as it appears in real life… and that’s not just a dig at Scott! It was definitely a fun day for us all and we look forward to seeing the final results!

Now to actual work, the interior of our 33 coupe hot rod is looking amazing. Scotty our trimmer has done a fantastic job, he’s not quite finished yet but not far off. It is definitely not your usual hot rod interior, the rest of the car is pretty extreme looking so we went to town on this one and made a full custom beach seat similar to a Fraser but styled more like a modern Lambo. I will share some proper photos when we have everything finished.

Peter’s KE25 Corolla is coming along in leaps and bounds. Most of the car wiring is now complete and we are about to wire in the Link ECU. The wheels have just been delivered and I think they look spot on, once we add some rubber we can put her on the ground for the first time which is always a big milestone.

I just took Chris and Anita’s car for its first drive since we fitted a snazzy new custom pedal box which has gained an extra 65mm in length and WOW, finally a Fraser I can fit in properly! Chris, you will be stoked!

We have two Beatties in the shop at the moment, both were built here and exported to the UK and have now been imported back into NZ. We have been charged with getting them through certification and compliance. They are both really nice cars with lots of attention to detail. I’m sure we will get to know them well over the coming months.

We look forward to seeing you out and about when it finally stops raining!

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