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Another busy month at Fraser Cars with good progress made on our long term projects and a few cool little jobs thrown in for good measure.

Peter’s 1971 KE25 Corolla is back from paint and looking amazing. We have been super busy throwing all the shiny bits back together and into the car. To give a bit of a rundown on this vehicle, it’s a fairly rare 2 door coupe that we have fitted with a 16V 4AGE built for us by GER engine specialists. It is full of new parts – higher compression, bigger cam and all the associated bits to make it work. We have fitted Jenvey heritage throttle bodies, which look like sidedraught carburettors but have full fuel injection built into them. The gearbox is a T50 from a Toyota AE86 and the diff is a Ford Escort housing, packed full of floating axles and a Quaife LSD. We have fitted Fortune Auto adjustable suspension and big Wilwood brakes. Lots of custom fabrication and a high level of finish all over is making this a beautiful build. Watch this space and I’ll keep you updated on progress.

Harold’s Jaguar Replica is now into its reassembly phase, with all the parts now being coated. This should come together relatively quickly and get the car up to a roller so we can make a plan for the remainder of the build. This car has been in the fabrication process for so long now, it will be exciting to see it starting to look like a car again.

Our 33 hot rod is now done with road testing. This car has enormous front tyres, 335/30/18’s to be exact! It also has electric power steering (EPAS) to deal with them. Interestingly once we got it up and driving, the steering feedback was bizarre to say the least. It felt like the car would begin to tramline or wander slightly in a straight line, then the slightest steering input would be backed up by the power steering and send you veering off course! Tramlining is to be expected with wide front tyres but the power steering was unnerving. Luckily, we found that with some adjustments to the wheel alignment and drastic tyre pressure changes we could make the whole problem go away. It is now patiently waiting for Scotty the trimmer to do his thing. Between us we have come up with a pretty cool looking design for the interior, I won’t spoil it as a picture is as good as a thousand words and in the next newsletter hopefully I can share said picture!

Chris has had his Fraser in the shop for a custom pedal box modification. He has always found the car slightly too small to be properly comfy, especially on long trips. We managed to gain an extra 65mm of footwell length and also fitted a 35mm dropfloor on the driver’s side to get him lower down in the car. These two things have massively changed the way the car feels to us lengthier folk and I would recommend anyone in the same boat give me a call at the workshop as it is something we might be able to do for your Fraser.

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