My report this month will be short and sweet considering it is 4:15 on Friday afternoon!
We completed Jack’s Jeep Wrangler guards, the car came to us with the body kit already fitted but the wheels hung outside the guards by close to 200mm and Mr Plod gave Jack a lovely green sticker for his window to say they needed to be covered. We modelled them on CAD and had them CNC cut and folded, then finalised the fabrication by where needed by hand. While the styling on this truck is either love it or hate it, we are pretty happy with the end result and think they blend into the styling perfectly.
Dennis is ready to pick up his Ford F100 any day now after over a year of extensive modifications by the Fraser Team, it will be sad to see it go but we love to see it leave!
We have another couple of Frasers in the shop again after a strange dry spell. Chris and Anita have their car in for a few creature comfort modifications, specifically a drop floor and modifying the pedal box to move the pedals about 65mm further forward, hopefully no more banging your knees on the dash bar!
Gary has his car in the shop for minor WOF repairs and a good going over before he puts it up for sale. Some of you more longer in tooth members may recall this car was owned by Glenda Fraser originally so you could say it has mostly had one lady owner….. who thrashed the pants off it! It’s definitely seen some work but is still a very cool car!

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