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It sounds like everyone had a good time at the AGM and associated run last weekend. Unfortunately most of the Fraser team couldn’t make it but Scott and Ida represented in DMOFSR. Congratulations to all the award winners and new reps, and a big thank you to the outgoing reps and especially Roy for his stint in the big chair!

We have had a strangely Fraser free month in the factory with the only Fraser in the shop at the moment being a 2006 orange V6 powered car which is in for some minor WOF related repairs. It is still pretty cool to see one of these as I believe only 3 were ever built; Neil’s green racecar, this one and one other that has never been completed. This car was built to a high standard back in the day and it has done very low mileage over its lifetime so it still looks to be in great condition.

Other work through the shop recently has been an amazing original condition 1951 Hudson Hornet. This car is a fresh import that we are getting road legal for the customer. We have completely rebuilt all the suspension, brakes and steering systems, converted it from 6 volt to 12 volt and fitted seatbelts, but we have purposely done as little as possible to the body and the interior so that it retains the patina and charm that it has spent the last 70+ years acquiring!

Our Factory Five 33 coupe hot rod that we have been building for the last few years is now completed assembly and is now in the testing and trim phase. We have it up and running however we cannot currently drive it further than around the carpark as the floors under your bum are exceeding 100°c due to the mufflers mounted below the floors. We are now fitting a wool based 12mm thick boiler lagging product onto the floors and then a secondary false floor on top of this to try to control the heat. Time will tell if this will be enough but I have been assured this product is the mutts nuts when it comes to heat shielding!

Harold’s Jaguar SS replica is coming along nicely, we now have the pedal box and firewall installed, the steering column complete and the handbrake mounted. Really only a few more small items to complete before we strip it down to paint the chassis and begin the final assembly.

Until next month, stay safe and enjoy the last of what summer has to offer!

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