This month in the factory we have been focusing on getting a long term project close to completion. It is the Factory five 33 coupe kit car that I have mentioned in previous updates The car was delivered back to us from paint just before Christmas and it has been all go, bolting it back together ever since. It really is the best part of building cars, it is the first time you get to see all the cool shiny bits in place and it all comes together quickly. This car is looking particularly bad ass in dark grey with all black features, huuuge wheels and tyres and slammed on its ass. Next up for us is to build a trick custom interior, get it dyno’d and road tested before running it through the certification process.

Other jobs through the shop at the moment is a Daimler Dart which is in for seat and seat belt mounting alongside a bunch of other little jobs that the customer has asked us to sort out. Our never ending Chevy Malibu is back in for custom window trims to smooth out the look even more. Our BMW 2002 baur is all done and sitting patiently in the corner awaiting a call from the painter to say he can take it. Our Jag SS replica has had its new firewall and pedal box fitted and is now awaiting the steering column parts to arrive so we can fit it all up and hope it works!
The lads had an awesome time at Manfeild a few weeks ago but the poor DMOFSR is looking a bit sad after killing a sparrow, a magpie and a rooster on the trip down! We burnt through an entire set of brake pads by lunchtime so unfortunately didn’t get to finish the day but we all had a ball anyway. She did every lap of the first half of the day, doing 12 sessions, this is the first track day since 2009 that we have had to pull out of so I guess that’s pretty good going and she’ll be back to fight another day soon!

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