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Welcome back to the new year, it was awesome seeing everyone when they stopped into the factory at the start of the Fraser 5000. The photos online look amazing and it looks like the weather has been perfect!

The guys have come back strong this year with two of our major projects very close to completion, Peter’s KE25 Corolla is at the final stages of trim and has just passed its LV cert and got it’s first WOF in a few years! It will be going back to the painter shortly for a few minor jobs and its final polish before we bolt on all the new old stock badges and lights. This build has been an absolute pleasure and we are super proud of what we have created. We look forward to handing over the keys!

Harold’s Jaguar SS100 replica is at the final stages of LV certification, we had a few issues getting the drum brakes to perform we enough to pass the rigorous brake test that any scratch built car needs to go through however, I’m feeling confident and fingers crossed we can get the green light at its next inspection.

Wayne’s Fraser Clubman S is all back together and is patiently waiting for Scotty the trimmer to work his magic on the interior. It is booked for dyno tuning shortly so we should then be able to start road testing which is always exciting.

David’s Fraser Clubman S is off at the painters currently so we should see that back in a month or so ready for us to reassemble, dyno, trim and get road legal.

Rob’s BMW 2002 Baur is back from the painters and looking fantastic. It is on the assembly stand and things are going back together well. We should see some good progress on this over the coming months.

Ben’s F100 has stepped up a gear with all the mechanical issues now being tackled. This is another car that was built in the US and imported, we have been tasked with getting the car road legal and rectifying the issues. It is extensively modified with a Camaro front end, aftermarket brakes, roof chop, seats, door poppers etc so it is quite a lot to work through.

Sam’s MX5 rotary conversion is well underway, the tunnel has been cut out and re-fabricated. Next up is to weld in the new tunnel and fabricate the new main front engine mount. Then we can look at reinstalling the dash and seeing what we can fit back into the interior with the new higher tunnel.

The sun is shining and the rain is mostly staying away so its the perfect time to get out in your cars. As usual, if there is anything you need or just need some advice, give us a call at the factory and we’re happy to help out.

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