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We have been pumping through the work at the Factory recently with some great milestones achieved.

Wayne’s Fraser Clubman S has come back from the painters looking amazing, been reassembled and dyno’d up. The first stages of trim have now begun and Scotty the trimmer will be working his magic over the next month or so. It has been adorned with classic Martini livery and is powered by a Honda F20c making 216hp at the rear wheels so it will go as good as it looks. This is the first car to come through with the new Subaru R160 diff and revised steering and front brake package. I’ve taken it for a short drive around the block to check the tune but am looking forward to proper road testing to see how it performs.

As of 15 mins ago, Harold’s Jaguar SS100 replica has just passed its final LVVTA inspection and can now move on to Compliance. We have been battling to get the four wheel drum brakes good enough to pass the rigorous brake test that a scratch-built vehicle needs to achieve – 5 stops from 100-0 kph within 3 minutes, but after extensive tweaks and lots of brake smoke we finally got there! We took Harold for his first drive in his car that he has been working on for the last 62 years the other day and you could not wipe the smile off his face afterwards. It’s a great reminder of why we do what we do!

David’s Fraser Clubman S is currently at the painters having a loud coat of yellow applied. We should see it back in the next couple of weeks, ready for us to reassemble and get it up and running. You can’t go wrong with bright colours on Frasers so we are looking forward to seeing it.

Peter’s KE25 Toyota Corolla is also back at the painters getting a few little things sorted. It is all road legal and we are looking forward to handing Peter the keys. We are hoping to have this car feature in upcoming shows and magazines to really show off what we can do.

Rob’s BMW 2002 Baur is now going back together and looking sharp. It’s been a long process with quite a lot of rust horrors uncovered along the way but it is now starting to look the part with shiny new paint and all the parts going back into it.

Ben’s F100 has had good progress. Being a car that was modified in the US, we knew there was quite a bit of work to do to get it legal, and this has proven the case. New brakes, suspension, underbody fabrication and bracing, new seat and seatbelt mounting all required and unfortunately the roof chop was not done particularly well and we have had to cut through the pin-striping and paint to remedy the welding. But it is what it is and we will get it sorted to the standard required before long.

Liloa’s Beattie is going back together after having the LVVTA design approval approved. It shouldn’t be too long before we can get it back on the ground and start to think about road testing.

Until next month!

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