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Another month has flown by and the factory is looking busy coming into summer! We have lots of different projects on the go, from Frasers to Falcons and Avengers to Atoms.

Wayne’s F20c powered Fraser Clubman S is all stripped down and ready to be delivered to the paint shop as soon as the ex cyclone buggers off. They should have it for about a month and then we can begin the work of reassembly, trim, dyno tuning and getting it road legal.

Andrew’s Fraser is back from the painters and looking fantastic. He had a minor accident that required some paint repairs so we took the opportunity to give it a full respray and what an improvement! We are now going to fit a new muffler and HPC the exhaust system so it should look better than new ready for summer.

We have a nice 1965 XP Falcon in the shop currently for a few things. The owner purchased it in this condition and we are sorting a few of the little details out for him to get it more reliable. We are also going to fit a full set of seatbelts to keep his kids contained (or safe)!

Seven’s Atom is at the final stages, we have rebuilt all the suspension to comply with NZ regs, run it through LVVTA certification and are just working on getting it through entry compliance . These cars are very fast and a lot of fun but it does seem like every time I drive one, it rains! With no body panels to speak of, rain also comes upwards in an Atom!

Richard’s V8 Hillman Avenger wagon has been hiding in the South Island for the last couple of years getting rust cut out and painted, unfortunately on the drive home, the wheel fell off and broke some wheel studs so we are sorting that out and giving it a good look over to make sure everything is good to go again cause once Richard starts using it, it will rack up the miles!

Peter’s KE25 Corolla is at the dyno currently getting tuned up. We had a minor issue during its first run on the dyno, when the diff started howling like a banshee! It is an Escort diff housing with all brand new good bits inside it. A quaife LSD, Quaife floating axles and a Tranex ratio kit so we were surprised to have an issue. It turns out that the pinion gear had never been hardened and lasted all of 35km before it shit the bed. Luckily it did not damage any of the other parts so a replacement was fitted and so far I haven’t heard there has been any issues so no news is good news!

Harold’s Jaguar SS100 replica is now up and driving and Bruce has been working on some final touch up bits like a cover panel for the front of the chassis and fabricating mounts for the brooklands screens. One of the perks of this job is getting to drive some pretty amazing cars, but I’ve got to say, this car makes me smile when I drive it, it is just so wacky but actually really fun to drive and it has been a pleasure to get this project to where it is.

Well hopefully next month goes a bit slower!

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