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Rotary Powered Fraser Clubman

By June 10, 2020No Comments

Fraser Number 318; Total rebuild!

An excerpt from the Fraser Car Club newsletter – May 2020:

I was asked if I would supply some photos of my rebuild. I was going to apologise to the traditionalists but I don’t really mean it so I won’t… I have always done things a bit different and out of normal.   I have been busy every spare moment over the last few years fabricating the interior, engine bay, etc and getting the engine and gear box to fit. Thankfully my son can tig weld. 

It is the Toll truck colour green in semi-gloss.  RX-7 13b with a turbo slightly bigger than standard but with the high revving motor this should be boosting without the turbo lag. Motor built by Cameron Jones racing and has  RX-7 gearbox with the Nissan LSD diff.

Only allowed to build the one car according to the boss, so it’s a bit of a hot rod,  track car with a bolt on roll cage and with enough power so I have to lift the jandal rather than want more, going to be some fun I think and with a big exhaust so not to hear too much of the brap brap but still lots of flames. About to be wired so hopefully on the road soon.

Cheers Andrew


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