Q&A Round 3 | Question 5

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This question is from Paul.

Q When you shorten the sump on the 20v 4ages do
you add any capacity (eg. 'wing' it) or do you just run the oil
level a
bit higher to compensate? If you run the oil level higher do you
any issues with the crank hitting the oil and aerating it etc,
or is the
volume not enough to be a concern?

A 4AGE's can
have the sump shortened and
don't tend to run into oil starvation issues. If you are going
shorten the standard sump and not increase the capacity and go
on the
track then I would run the engine overfull by 5mm. An oil cooler
is a
way to increase capacity and also control oil temp. We have
the sump on our demo car and given it heaps and never had an
oil issue.

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