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Shorai LogoThe Fraser Team are delighted to be asked to stock Shorai batteries and the Shorai Charge and Store Battery Management System.

Shorai batteries are The World’s Lightest, Longest Lasting Powersports Batteries.

Shorai USA have blown the market apart with the latest in Lithium Iron, (not Ion), technology to produce a breakthrough in weight, performance and battery life.

Comparable with other high quality batteries for price, they offer up to four times the battery life and huge savings in weight!

Averaging around 1/5th the weight of a conventional battery, anyone, especially racer’s will appreciate the drop-in-and-go convenience of a battery that saves weight, increases cranking power and lasts up to four times longer than your lead-acid battery!

Being solid state they can be mounted in any position, even upside down! Being much smaller they take up very little room and are ideal for custom building and race machine fabrications where space and location may be issues. All batteries come with a variety of foam backed spacers for fitting snugly into the battery compartment ensuring a secure mounting.

Their cranking power is becoming the stuff of legend and they so far out-perform standard batteries that you’ll wonder how you ever put up with rapidly drained and weak performance from traditional battery technology! No more jumper cables, no more battery tenders – Shorai batteries hold their charge for extended periods and give a far greater kick time after time on a recalcitrant engine!

Head over to the online shop to check out the battery and the charging system.

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