Clubman Night Run

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Clubman Night Run

The weather this week looks far too good to pass up so what to do?
The program advises a Night Run, so…

Meet at the factory on Thursday 14 June, by 7pm  for a play in the dark!

Warm hats and jackets de rigueur.

For those who have never done a night run in your Fraser I can tell you it is a lot of fun and you should try it at least once.

Although Thursday probably won’t be a low enough temp for a frost the expected 9 degrees or so will make your car perform like it is on steroids and the exhaust note will be very crisp and reverberating. You may even get to see what happens at the business end of your exhaust pipe when you dump the throttle from wide open!!!.

The run will be “follow the leader” and we will observe Convoy Rules for the evening.

Convoy Rules:
Keep within official  speed limits.
Maintain contact but at a reasonable distance to the car in front of you.
Keep a watch in your rear vision mirror and if the car behind falls behind and disappears from your view slow down and pull over to stop if necessary.
If this rule is followed by all, the next car sequentially in front will slow and stop and the next and the next …. all the way to the front of the Convoy.

The main reasons to Convoy are:
No one gets lost (believe me, this has happened on past night runs !)
Any car technical issues can be assessed and maybe remedied by committee.
If you break down, you won’t feel alone and scared in the middle of the country side in the dead of a cold black night!
We might resurrect an old run from a couple of years ago.
Up through Hellensville then via some more fun roads and onto Warkworth for a bite at Bridge House Lodge Bar & Restaurant. 

See you at the factory by 7pm.