Hot Rod Blowout 2012 – Children and Dogs Welcome!

By April 2, 2012October 6th, 2012No Comments

While Scott was making his way back from the Fraser Car Club Gentle Annie Tour, I packed up the children and headed to the Scroungers’ annual Hot Rod Blowout at Rosebank Speedway in Auckland.

I personally love this event.  It has a relaxed atmosphere and a lot to see and do.

Highlights for me were:
A gorgeous matt green finish on a 32 Ford
The beautifully presented hot rod ladies
Mini wine bottles, available to purchase
An extremly jacked up Mustang (didn’t get a photo, damn it)
The little crafty stalls (only a quick glance due to busy boys)
Cute dogs (all on leads)
Motorbikes roaring off in convoy
Seriously good live music

Limited photographs this year (due to my eyes needing to be on Master 6 and 3), here’s some all the same – Including the children rocking out to a fantastic New Zealand band, Thee Rum Coves. 

If you’re in Auckland next year make a point of going. $4 entry and it gets bigger and better evey year.

Ida Tristram