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The Fraser Team Projects | Dan

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The Team at Fraser Cars love working on Frasers, while still enjoying their own projects in their spare time.  We thought we would give you an insight into what they get up to! Dan is one of our fabricators at the Fraser Factory, here's a sneak peek.

Dan currently has two project cars. The first is a 1970 VG Valiant, this was his first attempt at modifying a car, it’s running  a modified hemi 6cyl and is a very cool cruising car, makes a lot of noise and gets a lot of looks. Dan drives this car to work when he can find his keys.

Dans Valiant  

Dan’s next attempt at building a car is some what more extreme. Dan is building a long wheel base sport Quattro in the essence of the Group B rally car era as a road legal race car.

This has taken quite a few years to get to this stage but it is coming along well.

It is going to run the 5 cyl 2.2L 20V turbocharged engine that should develop around 400hp. He has converted to a Subaru gearbox and diff’s, using Fraser Cars as a base to do this technical work.

A lot of the parts for this car have been imported from Sweden and the US where these cars are modified regularly.

Dan has done all of the fabrication work himself and it is a real testament to his skill and determination.

We are all looking forward to seeing this car evolve over the next couple of years.


Dans Audi side on  

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