Q&A #1

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At random… Question 1/10 From our 'It's Your Chance' post.  The first question that the Fraser Team are answering is from a Fraser owner

Q My 1998 Fraser has a 3SGE engine and corolla gearbox. Box is weak and needs investment. Is there a better option than rebuilding the box I have (another brand or type)?

A Hi Andy,


There is an aftermarket TRD gear set that will fit into your casing.  These have proved to be very good and work well.


If you would like to change your gearbox, the type 9 Sierra box is a good replacement.  There are a lot of companies who provide aftermarket gear sets.


The other option is to go for a Toyota W55 series gearbox.

If you are going to choose the Sierra or Toyota option you will also need gearbox mounting, clutch, drive shaft and bell housing modifications.  Fraser Cars can help you out where needed.

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