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How a Fraser is different to other Lotus 7 Replicas

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What is the difference between a Fraser Kit Car and another Lotus 7 Replica Kit Car? is a question that we often hear. 

We have answered that question in relation to the chassis construction and suspension below, for those that are interested, or for Fraser owners to quote from when they get asked!

The Fraser Clubman chassis is made from 16 gauge steel tube. The chassis is constructed on a jig for accuracy and then moved to a flat bed welding jig where the chassis is then brazed up. Each chassis is brazed up on a flat bed to maintain the dimensions once removed from the jig. A higher strength brazing rod is used around the critical suspension areas and other pickups.


Fraser Cars use brazing over MIG welding because it is a slow heat in and out process.  We are not melting the parent metals and therefore we are inducing less stress into the chassis with the brazing. This is not the quickest method of welding, but you end up with a far superior feeling and constructed chassis. The chassis is then able to take the rigours of hard race use without developing stress cracks or distorting. Our cars have a long and proven race history whether it be on the track, in sprint or endurance meetings or tarmac road rallies.


MIG welding is a much quicker process to weld up a chassis, but at Fraser Cars we don’t believe in taking short cuts with what forms the basis of a good handling car with driver's safety being paramount.


Fraser Cars suspension is all time proven and tested and also has LVVTA approval, so that when it comes to making your car road legal you will have no problems with the design or manufacture. The front suspension components are made from a higher grade CDS tube. All suspension is TIG welded for the ultimate in finish and strength.


Our suspension and chassis design is well designed and tested. Fraser Cars were the first Lotus 7 replica manufacturer to introduce an inboard front suspension system to these types of cars. The advantages of the inboard front suspension is a reduction in unsprung weight, a great sprung/unsprung ratio, cleaner looking lines, easy adjustment of ride height without adjusting spring pre load, a shock that is effective through out the complete range of suspension travel.  


The Fraser De dion rear suspension is second to none. The advantages of the De dion rear suspension is reduced unsprung weight, greater sprung/unsprung ratio, narrower tunnel equals wider cockpit, glovebox for extra storage, disc brakes as standard.


The Fraser clubman chassis has undergone a huge amount of development from the original Lotus 7 design, with the cars now being stiffer, providing better feedback to the driver and making the car safer. 


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