Change of date: October (date TBA)

Auckland program for October is a Turkey Trot.  If you haven’t done one of these it is a bit of fun and tests your driving ability to mentally maintain a set rate of speed.

Entrants get a course which will include some 50, 70, 80 and 100Km/hr stages.  Before you start you get 10 minutes to review the course and make your best estimate on how long you think you will take to drive it.

Cars start individually with their start time recorded and are then clocked in at the finish. Closest to their estimated time gets bragging rights and the slowest gets laughed at!

I have run a couple of these in the past for the club, and it amazes me how close you can get to your estimated time. The run will take an hour or so and from memory Des Ryan holds the record in his Cobra at 21 seconds.

One little thing, no access to GPS, Smart Phones, or watches and Grandfather clocks are allowed. You will be provided with an envelope to place these articles in ( carried in your car – in case of emergencies ). The envelope will be sealed and checked when you cross the finish line.

Your speedo will be your friend.

Having a passenger helps immensely in making sure the driver maintains a steady speed, to read the course and “offer” directional advice to the driver. There is a pub at the end for refreshments, which might be needed for crews with more insistent Navigators!

Tentative date for this is October weather depending. Meeting at about 11 am somewhere on the North Shore.

We will be asking for RSVP’s closer to the date as I need numbers for course notes and envelopes.

Gary Cullen – Auckland Fraser Car Club Rep

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