Wilwood Brake Kit

Wilwood_Brake_KitWilwood Brake Kit

Fraser Cars have a complete bolt on kit available.

The kit come with everything needed to fit the brakes to the uprights. The only extra things you will need is a possible flexible brake hose change and hydraulic fittings into the caliper. These can depend on the hoses you have/need and the exact set up you have. Fraser Cars can also supply these parts.

The standard pads are fast road and good for general use. If you have any specific requirements for a different brake pad please contact us info@fraser.co.nz
This kit will fit in 14” wheels and 15” wheels
267mm ventilated Wilwood rotor
4 piston Wilwood dynalite caliper
Wilwood brake pads
Caliper to upright mounting bracket
Rotor to hub mounting bracket
All mounting hardware
Mounting instructions
$1,800 + GST
Most 15” wheels or bigger (If you want this size rotor and are looking at fitting it to a 15” wheel it will pay to get Fraser Cars to check the wheel for clearance first)
Wilwood 309mm ventilated rotor + the rest of the kit
$1,950 + GST
We also do a kit for 13” wheels.

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