Well we had a small turnout for the first Wellington Evening Blat we have organised, but there was alot of very keen people that were unable to make it, so looking good for future runs.

Three Frasers and one Triumph TR6 turned up and we had a blast driving out through Wainuiamata to the coast, which I personally have never been to before.  It is a great road and we had one stop on the way.  One thing I noticed when driving with other Frasers, is just how low that car in front of you is, and then you remember you are in one aswell and looking very much the same.

Stu with his newly purchased Fraser had a huge grin.

It is great fun chasing each other around the roads and we will for sure be organising something else to get the cars out.

Getting a little chilly now so a mid winter night run must be on the cards (found out tonight Stu's car has a heater…….cheat!).

Matt Flewellen