Our guest judge, Reuben Price, took time to view all the entries over the weekend, narrowing the selection to three favourites.

Merlow, by Tom Recter | Reuben liked the light and composition of this photo

Stephen_2Night shot, by Stephen Clarke | Reuben was impressed with the creativity of Stephen's night shot

Bill_3Fraser vs Porsche, by Bill Sherwood | Reuben thought this was a great action shot, and it is always fantastic to see a Fraser beating a Porsche!

The pick of the bunch from those final three entries goes to Tom Recter.  This shot has had a lot of thought, from the chosen camera angle, the back drop, light, through to the colours.  The photographer seems like he has taken time to think about the setting and composition – Reuben Price

Tom wins an A3 canvas of his photo, with special thanks to Reuben and 100% NZ.  Stephen and Bill will both get a limited edition Fraser polo.

Thank you to those who entered, if you liked this competition let us know, and we will run another one next year. We certainly enjoyed ourselves!

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