Q&A #8

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At random… Question 8/10 From our 'It's Your Chance' post. Robbie managed to sneak 3 questions into his comment, so we have answered them all!

Q I'm looking to buy a 'pre-loved' Fraser, but finding one with the exact specification I want is difficult because they are all so individualised. So my question to you is…
How difficult, or expensive, is it to up-grade the suspension of a' say' mid nineties Fraser to the most modern specs. I'm thinking about Live rear axle to De Dion, or outboard to inboard, narrow track to wide track etc?
A second question would be…
Does a Beams engine and six speed gearbox fit in a clubman?
And if you wanted a third question, it would be…
When will we see a sequential gearbox in a Japanese engined Fraser?

A Yes, the beauty of each Fraser is the individuality. Upgrades are fun and yes, can be done! To upgrade from outboard to inboard, or live axle to De dion is quite an invloved process, it can be done but we would need to strip the car back to a bare chassis so that it would fit in the chassis jig.  The chassis will then need to be re-powder coated and re-assembled.  A change from narrow track to wide track is very simple as we only change the front wishbones and a few other associated parts.  If you have a second hand car in mind, touch base with us and we can talk you through your options and give you an indication of what the process and cost involved would be.

The beams motor does fit and has been done before, with excellent results.

Fraser cars have fitted two cars with a 6 sequential gearbox.  They are very cool to drive!

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