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At random… Question 4/10 From our 'It's Your Chance' post.  We also had a response from Stephen, which we have included below our answer.

Q Hi there, I have one of the early Frasers (No 15) and want to know what I can do to polish the aluminium bodywork. I've been using a polish (forget the name) from one of the auto shops but there's some pitting and it looks to me as though it needs something more serious. Any thoughts? Mike PD 470.

Posted by: Mike Brockie | June 08, 2009 at 10:20 PM

A Try Autoglym polish, I think it can be purchased at Repco. Anything aggressive enough to remove the pitting (depending on the depth of the pits) may be too aggressive for a panel.  You can try sanding it first then polishing it.  Try an inconspicuous area first and work through the grades starting with a 2000 grit paper, working upwards.

From Stephen – For getting rid of corrosion on Aluminum (pits) you can use 2000 to 4000 wet & dry with kerosean (desiel) and then a lot of elbow grease, wash after that and then polish with a good aluminum polish like Mothers, if you want to get a mirror finish you will need to go all the way up too 4000 grit wet and dry.

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