A few words from a proud new Fraser owner follows.  Gary has built an excellent example of a Fraser Clubman, after seeing the Fraser Car Club out on a run and deciding that he too had to live the dream…

Well after three years my Fraser Clubman is legal and on the road. A couple of niggles to iron out, lean running at low throttle openings, and a RPM gauge that indicates 10,000 rpm for instance, but I am sure these will be surmounted. Now I have to figure out what to do with it after building it. Probably not going to be an issue though as with three grown up sons who are all petrol heads I will be fighting for cockpit time….. not !!!

However the potential is there as at large throttle openings it feels like it is about to take off and the throaty roar coming from the passenger side makes me wonder if it is actually a 4AGE20V silver top in there! To put it plainly I am very pleased with the whole project outcome.

So to reflect on the build. At my age recalling anything from last week is an effort but I can state that at no time was I frustrated or irate with anything that went wrong during the build. Of course there was few "gotchas" but it was just an overall enjoyable process.

The biggest thing to mention is that help and advice was always available from Fraser cars. Initially from Neil but mostly from Scott whose guidance was at all time helpful and freely given. My advantage is that living in Forrest Hill I am less than 10 minutes away from the factory so popping in for this and that made it convenient but I can see that living further afield would elicit the same help albeit you would have to be more organized than me!!!

I decided to build this car to a theme based on the engine, known as a "Silvertop", so the look is somewhere around Bugatti 1930 open tourer with rose pattern dash on stainless steel and classic smiths instruments (the hanging down ones), Sliver HPC on the vital engine parts, wooden Italian steering wheel and wooden gear knob. Polished aluminium body, Royal Navy Blue paint on the fibreglass bits, Blue leather and carpet and a personal number plate of "SLVTOP" will complete the theme.

I also decided to keep it on Injection as it will be much easier to service and keep in tune. It is still going to be pushing out about 160BHP in a <530KG car, which will be plenty for around town and country and the occasional club event. I haven't had it weighed yet so that exercise will be revealing.

So now to run it in. As I rebuilt the engine, I need to get 1000Km on it before Taupo track day in February. I don't think this is going to be a problem but I need assistance from the weather so the lawn doesn't grow (won't need mowing) and I don't get my new Fraser Clubman wet. Now where did I put that pile of invoices so I can find out exactly how much the project cost me?………Oh look the sun is out and number 1, 2 & 3 sons are looking very hopeful, so lets get some more run-in Km's on it and enjoy the day.





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