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Fun Video Action in/on/around Our Fraser

By March 28, 2009No Comments

We were loaned a very nifty little camera for our Taupo track day event.  It worked a treat.  We had the camera mounted on the rollbar, bonnet, nosecone and other interesting places and I swear the camera loved every second on the track!  The suction cap withstood the ‘breeze’ while it sat exposed on the nosecone and lapped the track numerous times, whilst maintaining a steady image.  We are still sifting through footage.  I have added a few videos to our YouTube account which you can have a look at <<<here>>>.

Said camera is mentioned <<<here>>> I saw a few others at track day, let us know your thoughts about this gem.  If you have video footage or photos to share email us at and we will get posting!

Here is a sample of our footage from the Fraser Car Club Taupo track day 2009 for your viewing pleasure, from an interesting vantage point…

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