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Q&A #3

At random… Question 3/10 From our 'It's Your Chance' post. Q Hi guys would like so photos information on the Fraser Le Mans race car that was in your Classic Car artical…I remember seeing this car race years ago…why was this project not followed up?I remember this being a great looking car….thanks. Posted by: Crewe […]

Q&A #2

At random… Question 2/10 From our 'It's Your Chance' post. Q Is it possible to get a Fraser 7 with either a v8 or v6? Posted by: Ono | June 08, 2009 at 05:40 PM A Yes, Fraser Cars have built four Ford 2.5l V6 powered clubmans.  The only V8 that could fit in a […]

Q&A #1

At random… Question 1/10 From our 'It's Your Chance' post.  The first question that the Fraser Team are answering is from a Fraser owner Q My 1998 Fraser has a 3SGE engine and corolla gearbox. Box is weak and needs investment. Is there a better option than rebuilding the box I have (another brand or […]