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Fraser Car Club Run – Te Aroha

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Clubman run

Sunday 19 August 2012

Weather for the run was forecast for showers but in the event it was completely dry and only started to rain about a hour after we got home. Overcast with some sunny spots throughout the day.

Away from The BP Service Centre on time, 2 x Frasers, 1 Ferrari, 1 x VX220 and a Subaru and on to a great twisty run down the coast from Cleveldon, through Kawkawa Bay, past Orere Point and then  along the  coast road right next to the beach.
It has been a while since I have been on this road, last time was when it was shingle, and it is well worth the effort to do.  Some interesting corners where the sun doesn’t get to and lots of green algae lying about. It is important to get you wheels following the well used track otherwise it gets a bit twitchy!!

Then the boring bit over the Haruaki Plains to Te Aroha. On the way we passed a quite a procession of MG’s going the opposite way obviously out for a club run also.

Met up with Keith and Jeanette from Waihi Beach and Matt from the area at Te Aroha for a pleasant lunch at the Ironique Cafe.

Looking back toward Auckland the high altitude clouds looked threatening so we curtailed the local activities except for a quick visit to Historic Creations just around the block from the Cafe, before heading off home.

A good run for the day, lots of Km’s. And no rain!!



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