Jed preferrential parking
At The Start Kit Cars
Lotus 7s
Lotus kit cars
Excellent turn out and run from the North Shore up the Hibiscus Coast to the restaurant at Morris and James Pottery in Matakana.

We had 9 Frasers and a Ferrari, with 16 people and 1 dog on the run, but Des and April drove down from Whangarei to meet us at the restaurant.

Weather was bright and shiny for the run, but cool so a variety of head coverings were on display. Traffic was generally heavy until we took the Sandspit and Sharps roads, a sort of back way to Matakana Village, where we had a little blat for a couple of Km.

Some cloud cover while we were at lunch came in but the rain remained away and the drive home was cold but dry. Not sure on how Des and April did on the way back north though.

Some observations in no particular order:

  1. Richard Willey continues to include botanical field trip observations, much in evident before the start ! I don’t know what the correct name is for close investigating hedges and shrubs.
  2. Joy and Jed seem to have discovered a new brand of permanent light, weather proof cigarettes, I observed , in my rear vision mirror, while travelling at around 100Km the back and forth light routine…. Verity, next time come with us.
  3. A bright red Ferrari running in Caboose position makes it very easy for the leader to keep everyone together in convoy.  It the Ferrari is there then everyone is there.
  4. Jed likes to park apart from the rest of us.
  5. Using a Fraser to get to this Restaurant, particularly, is good.  Nothing you can buy in the adjacent Pottery store for decent money will fit for the drive home.
  6. The club  should investigate discounts as where ever we park in numbers we make the establishment look good.

Gary Cullen