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11 cars, 11 drivers, 11 navigators turned up to the sunny North Shore in Auckland to take part in the Fraser Car Club Navigation Rally yesterday (Sunday 10 April 2011).

We were handed a top secret envelope along with a clipboard and rubber-band. Inside the numbered envelope were instructions, a numbered token and a spare rubber-band.  The instructions were simply along the lines of - turn left, veer right, second roundabout turn left.  Simple, yes. There were also further instructions that due to the cars being topless, navigators were allowed to direct terse instructions, along with hand signals, to the driver!

Yes, some got lost, others didn't.  The ones who got lost knew so when they couldn't turn left into Hand Road, because it wasn't there… This was one of the only roads named in the rally.

All cars made it to the final destination, with all drivers and navigators still speaking to each other – let us know if this is incorrect.

For those that joined in, fantastic.  Thank you all for making the Fraser Car Club Navigation Rally a huge amount of fun. To Gary, the Fraser Car Auckland Rep, a great event, with superb preparation. Thank you!  Here's an email we got this morning that sums it up perfectly:

That wasn't just a good event – it was bloody excellent!! Just the right distance, not too complicated, which made it enjoyable. Good work.