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By June 8, 200919 Comments


What would you like to know?

Leave a question in the comment section below.  The Fraser Team will pick 10 questions at random and will begin to answer them over the next week.

This is your chance to find out what you need to know!


  • Ono says:

    Is it possible to get a Fraser 7 with either a v8 or v6?

  • Robbie Kerr says:

    I’m looking to buy a ‘pre-loved’ Fraser, but finding one with the exact specification I want is difficult because they are all so individualised. So my question to you is…
    How difficult, or expensive, is it to up-grade the suspension of a’ say’ mid nineties Fraser to the most modern specs. I’m thinking about Live rear axle to De Dion, or outboard to inboard, narrow track to wide track etc?
    A second question would be…
    Does a Beams engine and six speed gearbox fit in a clubman?
    And if you wanted a third question, it would be…
    When will we see a sequential gearbox in a Japanese engined Fraser?

  • Phillip Potgieter says:

    What type of welding is used to assemble the chassis components & can these component be purchased sepaerately to save on shipping costs
    for welding in this country?

  • Mike Brockie says:

    Hi there, I have one of the early Frasers (No 15) and want to know what I can do to polish the aluminium bodywork. I’ve been using a polish (forget the name) from one of the auto shops but there’s some pitting and it looks to me as though it needs something more serious. Any thoughts? Mike PD 470.

  • Alfonso Delgardeo says:

    Have you done any cars with a Suzuki Hayabusa powerplant? Any reason it couldn’t be done? Would obviously need some sort of adaptor kit to an inline gearbox, but I believe these are available.

  • Andy Lockyer says:

    My 1998 Fraser has a 3SGE engine and corolla gearbox. Box is weak and needs investment. Is there a better option than rebuilding the box I have (another brand or type)?

  • Peter Mackie says:

    Hi Team. My Quaife gearbox has arrived and mates up to the Sprinter blousing, thanks for the addapter, now considering a concentric slave can you help.

  • Gerald Stanley says:

    I have a Graeme Berry L7 replica (the blue one that was at the Taupo track day in March). Can’t see a thing behind me. What do you guys use for side mirrors? I am about to make a trip to the motorcycle wreckers. Three windscreen mounting bolts per side on the A-pillar are 90mm apart. Thanks. Gerald.

  • Roger Thomas says:

    Why are Frasers using the DeDion design IRS? Surely a more modern wishbone type suspension is preferable (and looks the business, too.)

  • Adam Chemaly says:

    Will you sell me a front nose cone and scuttle,as i am building a lotus track car,and would like to use the frazer body parts,

  • Crewe Moorhead says:

    Hi guys would like so photos information on the Fraser Le Mans race car that was in your Classic Car artical…I remember seeing this car race years ago…why was this project not followed up?I remember this being a great looking car….thanks.

  • Andrew says:

    What kind of engines are avaliable to replace a 4AGE – with what kind of horsepower, and at what approximate cost?

  • The Fraser Team says:

    Great questions, keep them coming! We will start answering from Thursday 11th June.
    The Fraser Team

  • Paul Miller says:

    I want to check the ignition timing on my 3SGE engine. The manual states that i need to insert a jumper between terminals E1 and TE1 on the diagnostic connector. Where is the diagnostic connector located?

  • Paul Miller says:

    What is the correct ride hieght for a 1996 live rear axial Fraser and at what locations are the heights measured

  • John says:

    I have a 16-valve 4AGE powered Fraser on Weber 45’s. Can you give me a list of components/parts required to re-power with a 20-Valve injected engine using the existing T-50 gearbox. (Besides the engine itself!!)

  • Brian Gairn says:

    I am interested in a motorcycle engine and gearbox to power a Fraser. Have you built one yet? There are a lot overseas, and the power to weight is awesome. What would be the cost of a turnkey Fraser?.

  • Simon says:

    I newbie interested in purchasing a ‘pre loved’ Lotus 7 replica but have difficulty in determining what is a good price when a “like for like” comparison between cars is not possible.
    Any suggestions?

  • Question time is now closed. Thank you to those who posted.