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Modern Technology gives this classic car performance, impressive handling, and an enjoyable drive.


No two Frasers are the same. Every Fraser is uniquely customised, from the chassis to the upholstery and trim.


With Fraser, you are guaranteed a premium quality product and excellent customer service and support.


Whether you choose self-build or factory build, every Fraser is created with care and tremendous attention to detail.

Building my Fraser has been a truly rewarding project. Working with Fraser has been a joy, the team are incredibly passionate, talented, honest and reliable. I consider them part of the family now. One of my best life decisions.

RoyThe enthusiast's car, guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

I wanted to buy once and buy right. I chose Fraser; for high quality and performance. But I also wanted a vehicle I could customise from the engine – right through to the aesthetics. Fraser tick the boxes they live up to their reputation.

ClintonBuilding my Fraser was an amazing experience. I built this awesome car.

Fraser Cars have a very well deserved worldwide reputation for quality. A Kiwi company that prides itself in personal customer service, genuine friendly help and advice, and the ability to deliver pretty much anything that's in the realms of reality.

StuI was going to do it once, and I was going to do it right.

It will be a wonderful experience and you know that your back is covered by the Fraser team throughout. Your project will be successful and there is nothing in the world quite like driving your Frasers for the first time... and knowing you built it yourself. It is hard to stop grinning.

GaryI wholeheartedly recommend picking a Fraser to build yourself.

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