The Fraser Clubman Lotus 7 Replica

The Fraser Clubman Lotus 7 replica

The Fraser Clubman Lotus 7 replica

This is a classic sports car which remains faithful to the original Lotus 7. The Fraser Clubman is ideal for road use, taking in the sights and sounds of twisting country roads and turning heads as you pass people by.

The Clubman Lotus 7 replica is classically stylish with chrome roll bar, chrome suspension, chrome grille and a chrome rear number plate mount. The full windscreen makes the Fraser Clubman perfect for days out. However, the performance is also great fun at social track events.

As with all Fraser Lotus 7 replicas, the Clubman can be bought as a finished car or as a kit car. You can find out more about the kit car options on this website, or by getting in touch.

No two Fraser Lotus 7 replicas are the same. Have a look at the design and performance pages to make your Clubman look and feel just right.

If you’d like help choosing between the different engines, brakes, suspension kits etc, please just call us and we’ll help you decide which set-up would suit you best.

What Gary has to say

My initial and now ongoing contact with Fraser Cars started when I considered building one for myself. The process was very enjoyable and completely painless and my build ( SLVTOP ) achieved all the design features I was looking for.

The assistance and advice from Scott and the team through that period was outstandingly good and ensured my enthusiasm was moderated to what was possible! Any issue that cropped up, and there are always issues during a self build but never major, were covered off in the most professional manner.

If you are looking to do something similar then I wholeheartedly recommend picking a Fraser Clubman to build yourself. It will be a wonderful experience and you know that your back is covered by Scott and the team throughout the endeavour.   Your project will be successful and there is nothing in the world quite like driving your Fraser for the first time after Certification, Warranty and registration is done … and knowing you built it yourself. It is hard to stop grinning.

Post build , you are always welcome to visit the factory and see what is going on. If you turn up on a Friday you may even get a beer!!



For more information, feel free to contact us directly on 09 482 0071, or download a free copy of our brochure. Alternatively, you can send us a message via our contact page.