The Car

The legendary Lotus Seven

Originally created as a simple, no-frills, two-seater sports car, the Lotus Seven was designed by Lotus founder Colin Chapman. The original Sevens were designed to be road legal cars that could be used for racing. This, together with the fact that most were produced in kit form, made them popular as well as affordable. Built between 1957 and 1972, over 2,500 Sevens were sold by Lotus Cars.

When Lotus stopped producing the cars, other companies were free to produce their own versions – Lotus 7 replicas.

The Fraser Cars Lotus 7 replicas – the Fraser Clubman and Fraser Clubman S

The original Seven was designed to offer great performance through low weight and simplicity. At Fraser Cars, we continue to build in the same spirit.

Fraser Cars has been handcrafting Lotus 7 replica sports cars in New Zealand since 1988. The founder, Neil Fraser, had been so impressed by the Lotus 7 replicas he was competing against at a race day he attended in 1987 that he drove home and decided to build one himself. When Neil took his hand-built replica to the 1988 National Car Show, admiration for his car produced three orders on the spot. And so Fraser Cars was born.

Over the years, we have continued to develop the Fraser Clubman, using the latest technology to provide the ultimate driving experience. But the manufacturing process calls on true craftsmanship. Our cars are handcrafted in Auckland, New Zealand. We make almost all of the components ourselves. Learn more about our skilled team.

Choosing the right Fraser Car for you

At Fraser Cars, we offer two styles:

You can buy them as finished cars, or you can purchase them in kit form. And with the kits, we’ll supply them at any stage of assembly so that you can do as much or as little of the work yourself.

Whether you go for a ready-to-drive Fraser Lotus 7 replica, or a kit, you can specify almost everything on your car, from the trim to the suspension, the lights to the engine. If this sounds daunting, don’t worry. At Fraser Cars, we’ll listen to how you want to use your sports car and offer suggestions.

What Gary has to say

Fraser. A name that is synonymous with Lotus Super 7. Over three hundred hand crafted cars have now been built by this humble wee family-based Auckland company over the decades. Supplied to many discerning local and international clients.

Prior to sending Scott and Ida my build deposit, I looked at virtually every Lotus 7 manufacturer from humble ‘Man in Garage’ to the top shelf, Caterham themselves. Kit prices generally reflected the quality of the car and components.

I looked long and hard at the technical specifications of every single kit. I looked at every aspect of the manufacturing process including chassis fabrication techniques, materials, and component selection.

I look at the flexibility of build options. Did the company offer options ranging from a basic box of bits to full turn-key?

I also scoured all of the various ‘7’ forums in search of both negative and positive comments and reviews.

I spoke to as many suppliers as possible, judging their passion for the cars they were building and their willingness to listen to my specific requirements.

My twisted plan was to build a road-registered 1000hp/tonne rocket. I needed to be absolutely convinced that the vehicle would not fold in half at the first tentative prod of the go-fast pedal and would also manage to negotiate the first high speed corner without launching me deep into the ‘cabbage’.

One name stood head and shoulders above the rest. Fraser Cars. This company ticked all of the boxes and then some. With Frasers you are getting Caterham quality, at a middle of the road price. You are dealing with a small family business where every staff member exudes incredible passion for their car. Scott was always only a phone call away and answered my many, many stupid questions with patience and professionalism. Weekly photos and commentary were emailed to me, from Ida, through the build process. This was huge as I live 1000kms from the factory and was unable to visit during the process. After sale support has been perfect as I bumble through the finishing stages of the build. Frasers have not forgotten me even though all of the invoices have been paid and they are flat out with many new builds.

Fraser Clubman. The thinking person’s ‘7’.

Gary F.
New Zealand


For more information, feel free to contact us directly on 09 482 0071, or download a free copy of our brochure. Alternatively, you can send us a message via our contact page.