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Scott and Ida Tristram from Fraser Cars Ltd

Scott and Ida Tristram from Fraser Cars Ltd

Fraser Cars has been handcrafting Lotus 7 replica sports cars since 1988. After years working as a chassis builder for the business, I bought Fraser Cars with my wife, Ida, in 2006. It’s an exciting business with an amazing heritage built on true craftsmanship. Here’s more about our business and our desire to build the very best classic sports cars:

The history of Fraser Cars

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Fraser Cars has been handcrafting Lotus 7 replica sports cars since 1988. The founder, Neil Fraser, had been so impressed by the Lotus 7 replicas he was competing against at a race day he attended in 1987 that he drove home and decided to build one himself. When Neil took his hand-built replica to the 1988 National Car Show, admiration for his car produced three orders on the spot. And so Fraser Cars was born.

Fraser Cars today

After buying the business in 2006, Ida and I have brought together a brilliant team who are as committed to our hand built cars as we are. There are now five people working full-time in our workshop.

Together we build two Lotus 7 models, the Fraser Clubman and the sportier Fraser Clubman S. Some people buy them as a kit car; some people buy the finished car. As well as creating our Lotus 7 cars, we also put our skills to good use by carrying out custom fabrication work for motorbikes and cars. We do this under our Fraser Customs brand.

Worldwide there are over 330 Lotus 7 replicas built by Fraser, with around 35% of those still in New Zealand. Because the business now has a reputation for quality that rivals the company most associated with the replica, UK-based Caterham, we export regularly, particularly to Australia and Japan. Feel free to contact us if you’d like more information about exporting our kit cars or finished sports cars.

More about our Lotus 7 replica sports cars

Scott Tristram driving a Fraser Sport Car

Scott Tristram driving a Fraser Sports Car

We employ hugely talented craftsmen who put their souls into the cars. In the workshop, you’ll see the pattern pieces for our Lotus 7s lining the walls ready for hand-machining by a man who has worked on everything from specialist sonar buoys for the British Navy through to revolutionary motorbikes built to race the infamous Isle of Man TT course.

An ex-marine fabricator who forged his career on luxury yachts uses painstakingly accurate welding methods to take the collection of hand-machined tubes and create the robust chassis. And the hugely experienced sheet metal engineer hand-forms the aluminium body around that chassis using many traditional hammer forming, shrinking and stretching techniques.

Sub-contractors are used on certain specialist tasks. Our trimmer has created or restored the interiors of many award-winning classic, modern and show cars. And the man charged with the painting, which is the only part of the build to take place outside of the workshop, has an equally high reputation.

Engines are bought-in, usually from Japan, but almost all other components are made at the factory or within New Zealand. We could source Lotus 7 components from overseas but that just doesn’t sit with our values. We have brilliant craftsmen in New Zealand, as well as the great Kiwi ‘can-do’ attitude. This means we can keep the quality but still think creatively so we can deliver what people really want to drive.

Come and see how we build our kit cars and finished sports cars

We love what we do and are always happy to show people round our Auckland workshop so you can see first-hand just how much care goes into building our Lotus 7 replica sports cars. Just give us a call and arrange a time to drop by.

We also spend many weekends at car rallies and events, as do many Fraser owners. Keep an eye on our events pages for info on places to spot a Fraser. And if you would like to really feel the power and experience the quality of our Fraser Lotus 7 replicas, you can hire our sports car for a day, a weekend or more.

Look forward to meeting you!

Scott and Ida Tristram

For more information, feel free to contact us directly on 09 482 0071, or download a free copy of our brochure. Alternatively, you can send us a message via our contact page.