The ‘Lifetime Love’ is a short series of ‘the favourite vehicle’ that one of the Fraser team has owned in their lifetime.

My last and largest car project was a 1979 Mk2 Triumph 2.5s. My fascination with the Triumph 2.5 started in about 2010 when I spent time destroying them in numerous demolition derbies.

I had such a great deal of fun doing so, that I decided to build one into a rally/race car. I acquired the car from a customer at an old workplace using the barter system. He got me to assemble his 3.8L Jaguar Mk2 motor and I got the Triumph.

First thing I did was strip the car out, removing all the under-seal and sound deadening. I then proceeded to build an 8 point mild steel MSNZ roll-cage in the car. I then painted the interior and underneath of the car.

I fabricated a complete new pedal box and brake pedal with Wilwood balance bar and master cylinders. The brake pedal was water cut from 10mm thick steel.
On the front I used Wilwood 4 pot Superlite calipers and 300mm Wilwood rotors.
On the rear I removed the standard drum brakes and mounted R32 Nissan Skyline rear rotors and calipers to the trailing arms. I also ran all new brake pipes through the centre of the car and changed all the rubber flexible lines for braided brake lines.

I kept the standard Triumph 2.5 power steering rack but added a 1.5:1 Wilwood steering quickener to the column.

On the front I installed adjustable platforms on the struts to take race springs and had Stocks make me up some shock absorbers to fit in my front struts.
I cut the top of the front suspension tower out and welded in a new top plate for camber adjustment.
I fabricated complete new lower control arms and compression struts, with live adjustment. I went away from rubber bushes and to spherical rod ends.
On the rear I changed all the trailing arm rubber bushes for acetal bushes. I removed the rear subframe mounting bushes and made solid steel replacements. I also  lifted the rear shock tower 100mm to get more travel in the rear suspension and fitted Koni Classics to the rear with adjustable spring platforms to take race springs.

Running gear:
The diff(open), gearbox(4 speed overdrive), engine( 2.5s) were all left standard due to money restraints ( kids). I did rebuild them all just make sure they were all in top condition.
I fitted a 9 row oil cooler and electric fan, removed the mechanical fuel pumps and fitted 2 x Airtec electric fuel pumps with separate pickups from the fuel tank. I connected the fuel to the engine with a -6 braided fuel line running through the centre of the car.

I went to 16” x 7″ wheels so I could run 205/45/16 Toyo tyres. Front and rear.

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