The Fraser Clubman S Lotus 7 Replica

The Fraser Clubman S Lotus 7 Replica

The Fraser Clubman S Lotus 7 Replica

For a modern sports car with plenty of grunt for the racetrack, the Fraser Clubman S is hard to beat. This Lotus 7 replica has been given a modern twist by Fraser Cars, with black satin finishes for the grille, roll bar, rear number plate mount and suspension.

Although happy on the road, the Clubman S Lotus 7 replica really comes into its own on the track, or during a hill climb event. With low profile cycle mounts the Clubman S has a modern aerodynamic look to complement the level of performance you can achieve.

Have a look at the design and performance pages to make your Clubman S look and feel just right. If you’d like help choosing between the different engines, brakes, suspension kits etc, please just call us and we’ll help you decide which set-up would suit you best.

As with all Fraser Lotus 7 replicas, the Clubman S can be bought as a finished car or as a kit car. You can find out more about the kit car options on this website, or by getting in touch.

What Stu has to say

I choose to go with Fraser Cars because they had been around for years. I remember picking up a brochure from Neil Fraser back in the 1990’s. I was in school at the time, and while it’s taken me almost 20 years to start building my Fraser, I’m thrilled to be (an optimistic) 75% complete to getting my dream clubbie on the road.

Fraser Cars have a very well deserved worldwide reputation for quality and this was my main consideration – I was only going to do it once, and I was going to do it right, so Fraser Cars were a logical choice for me. I also wanted to support a real “can do” Kiwi company  that prides itself in personal customer service, genuinely friendly help and advice, and the ability to deliver pretty much anything that’s in the realms of reality. I also see my purchase of my Fraser kit and many parts as rewarding a company that produces top quality gear.

Stu, Australia


For more information, feel free to contact us directly on 09 482 0071, or download a free copy of our brochure. Alternatively, you can send us a message via our contact page.