Frequently Asked QuestionsHave a question? Read below for a list of frequently asked questions.

Who are Fraser Cars?
At Fraser Cars, we have been handcrafting quality Lotus 7 replicas since 1988. We are proud to be based in beautiful New Zealand, which has some fantastic roads for anyone who loves to drive sports cars. You can read more about us on this website or come and see us at our Auckland workshop.

What is a Fraser?
At Fraser, we put our name to two high quality sports cars based on the Lotus 7, series 3 design. The Fraser Clubman and Fraser Clubman S are handcrafted, built using traditional techniques and the best materials available.

What sets a Fraser Clubman apart from other kit car manufacturers?
We have a proven track record with over 330 sports cars built for clients in New Zealand and worldwide. Both the Fraser Clubman and Fraser Clubman S are handcrafted at our workshop in Auckland, New Zealand. We have a total commitment to craftsmanship and most components are made in the workshop.

How do you tell a Fraser apart from other Lotus 7 Replicas?
Many Lotus 7 replicas do look similar and can be difficult to tell apart but each marque has different styling cues. The easiest way to tell a Fraser is the Fraser badge on the nose cone. Our badge proudly features the New Zealand flag crossed with the chequered flag. It is unique to our cars and a Fraser only gets its badge after it is checked and signed off by the Fraser factory, even if the car has been assembled by kit car enthusiasts outside the Fraser workshop. This means that every Fraser on the road has been double-checked for quality.

Is there a club for Fraser owners?
Yes, there is an active social club run by Fraser enthusiasts who plan outings throughout the year. It is a very friendly club,  supported by people who love their cars. They are always happy to chat to people looking to buy a Fraser, or to help owners get the best out of their sports cars. There are Fraser Car Club representatives throughout New Zealand and Australia.

Are there any motorsport events that I can enter?
There is a Clubman series and the Fraser has excelled in many hill climbs and endurance races. Frasers have been racing since the  very first cars were built, in fact chassis No1 spending most of its life on the track. Our cars have competed very successfully in a range of motorsport events whether at gymkhanas with the local car club, or the New Zealand or Australian Targa.

Which motor would you put in a race car?
Fraser race cars have been powered by everything from Ford Kent engines and Toyota 18RGs, 4AGEs, 3SGEs, 2ZZs and Ford V6s and turbo and super charged variants. The most common engines used currently are the Toyota 4AGE and 3SGE, these are both widely available and give good performance. They are also well suited to the size and style of the car. The 3SGE, with its long history, is particularly popular. There are many performance parts available and it is a good reliable engine. But if the budget can stretch, new engines such as the 2ZZ or Ford Duratec offer lighter packages with more HP and are becoming increasingly popular.

Is it possible to get a Fraser with either a v8 or v6?
Yes, Fraser Cars have built four Ford 2.5l V6 powered Clubmans. The only V8 that could fit in a Fraser would be a custom-made  motorcycle based V8 engine.

Do Fraser Cars provide any after sales support?
Whether you have built your own Fraser, or have bought a turnkey sports car from us, we offer a full range of servicing options  and repairs and general advice on getting the best from your car.

Where can I get my Fraser serviced and maintained?
Fraser Cars offer full mechanical servicing from our Auckland workshop and are always happy to work on your pride and joy. Your Fraser can also be serviced by any mechanical workshop. However, if possible we would advise owners to find someone who has worked on kit cars and sports cars before. Head over to our Workshop page for more information.

How long will it take me to assemble my kit car?
On average, it will take approximately 18 months of part time work to assemble your car.

Can anyone build a Fraser?
Absolutely. You will get your handcrafted kit, along with some simple instructions. The Fraser team are just a phone call or email away. If you’re interested in speaking to someone else who has built a similar Fraser to you, we can help make that happen. It is an  incredibly special process to build your own car.

Do I need any special tools to build my Fraser?
No, a Fraser can be assembled with standard workshop tools. The only extra bit of gear that you may need is an engine hoist to  install the motor. These are available from most hire shops.

Want to know anything else?
We love questions and will do our best to answer them. If you have any other questions let us know.

For more information, feel free to contact us directly on 09 482 0071, or download a free copy of our brochure. Alternatively, you can send us a message via our contact page.