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Q&A Round 3 | Question 10

The lucky last question from this round of Q&A is from Kriss.  Thank you for all the interesting questions.  We look forward to the next round. Q if you had to ask a car designer for something (could concern your brand)… what would it be A We would ask them to design a modern Fraser, around the […]

Q&A Round 3 | Question 9

Question 9 is from Matthew. Q  I've looked at a couple of EVO engines that have been in reasonable condition including geabox/transaxle… Looking at the space to fit it into a fraser it wouldn't work using it in that arrangement (east-west and all wheel drive)? An awd frazer would be something else!!! A The Fraser […]

Q&A Round 3 | Question 2

Question 2 is from Paul. Q Typically, on a sub 100k km import engine what level of servicing would you recommend before installation, eg. is a new cambelt and waterpump enough or do you recommend cracking that baby open….. A I would fit a water pump, cam belt etc to the engine.  Generally when we have the […]

Q&A Round 3 | Question 1

Kicking off this round of Q&A is a question from Tony, thanks for your question Tony. Q Ever considered adding a 2nd line to your portfolio? Something like an Atom or Radical? Something broadly in keeping with the Clubman ethos, but a more modern interpretation. A Yes we have and we are always dreaming!  Fraser […]