Welcome to the new Fraser Cars Blog.  We have created this Blog to help keep you up-to-date with Fraser events, factory news and general interesting goings on.  We love hearing about your news and will be sharing build reports, driving stories and any other information relating to Frasers that you are willing to share!  Email your stories and photos to info@fraser.co.nz and we will publish them here.

Until next time…

Happy motoring from the Fraser Team

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  • James

    Excellent idea!

  • Will C

    An excellent idea!
    I am sure it will be usefull to see how other Fraser Owners have tackled some of the various build issues and fine tuneing etc.

  • The Fraser Team

    Thanks for the Comments James and Will. We are looking forward to some fun in Blogland!

  • Stephen

    This is a great idea even though I dont own a Fraser (love the cars though) and own a Birkin S3 Seven I still love to see peoples builds.

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